Invisible Slowly Disappear Ink pen

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Just WOW! This is a real pen of a wizard! Imagine the look of police officer face when he notices, that there is no signature on speeding ticket anymore. Literaly, You can sign every legal form without reading it, because Your signature will disappear couple hours latter. Notes will leave no trace on paper which guaranties protection of information, without the possibility of them getting into the wrong hands. The appearance of an ordinary gel pen guarantees discretion of use in any situation. The INK Pen writes in the same way as other pens, does not require pressing, thanks to which it will not leave characteristic imprints on paper, enabling to re-create written words. It is not possible to identify the notes (even in the UV light) by studying paper on which the spy pen was used.
Ink will disappear in around 2 hours
Color: Black
Size: 14cm,