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What is Back-Pain?

Back pain, especially short-term pain, is one of the most common medical complaints in the United States and Europe. A variety of lifestyle factors, medical conditions, and injuries can lead to pain in the middle back.

Symptoms of mid back pain can include:

🚨short, sharp pains
🚨a dull, constant ache
🚨muscle tightness or stiffness
🚨a reduced range of motion

👉Stretching your back is a simple way to improve the health of your spine and release tight back muscles. By increasing circulation and lengthening the spine, low back stretchers can help relieve your low back pain.

👉Just 10 minutes a day devoted to stretching can protect your back, fight chronic pain and improve your range of motion. You’ll also get better posture and may even gain height.

👉You can get the benefits of a safe, deep lower back stretch without needing to go to a physical therapist when you use a low back stretcher.

👉One of the best aspects of this equipment is that it’s durable and long-lasting, and you generally only need to invest once to get long-term benefits.

What Are Low Back Stretchers?

👉Low back stretchers are equipment designed to stretch your back while you maintain a comfortable position, typically lying on the floor.

👉Whereas stretching your spine on your own generally requires your back muscles to contract, the stretcher does the work for you so that your muscles can fully relax. This lets you get a deeper stretch for more therapeutic benefits.

How Do They Work?

👉As long as you’re positioned correctly on the stretcher, you don’t have to do anything to reap the benefits of it.

👉Back stretchers are designed to sync with your spine’s natural curvature and be comfortable enough for you to relax and stretch passively.

👉When you use a low back stretcher, you decompress your spine, taking the weight off of it. You also increase the space between the vertebrae, allowing fresh blood to circulate your spinal disks.

👉Spinal disks need the oxygen and nutrients this fresh blood provides them in order to heal the spine and relieve pain. Stretching the spine increases a substance found in your spine called proteoglycans, which play a role in the spine’s self-healing mechanism.

👉You need to use a back stretcher on a regular basis to see the full results it can offer, but people with chronic low back pain have experienced relief within 2 weeks of daily low back stretching

What Are the Benefits of Using a Low Back Stretcher?

 👉Aside from the main benefit of reducing low back pain, low back stretchers improve your spine’s flexibility by loosening muscles around the spine that have become tight and stiff over time.

 👉They also strengthen your back and boost circulation so that damaged muscles can heal.

 👉Using a back stretcher improves your posture by simultaneously strengthening and loosening your back muscles. This helps prevent chronic back problems and acute injuries caused by misalignment, such as sciatica, slipped disk and bulging disc.

 👉Stretching your spine with a low back stretcher could potentially even increase your height by lengthening your spine and improving your posture.

👉In addition to these long-term benefits of back stretchers, they also relieve short-term tension and stress, and they boost blood circulation.

👉 A boost in blood flow can uplift your mood and improve your energy levels, and promote better health and well-being overall.


What to Look for When Choosing a Low Back Stretcher

If you decide a low back stretcher is what you need, here are the features you want to look for when choosing the right one.


👉A good back stretcher fits the curvature of your spine and lets your lower back muscles relax naturally when you lay on it. Although you should feel a stretch, you shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable.

👉Look for a back stretcher that is well padded so that you can hold a stretch for longer without discomfort.


👉With regular stretching, your lumbar back will get more flexible. It’s important your back stretcher lets you adjust the intensity of your stretch.

👉This way, you can use a lower intensity when you’re first starting off or on days when you have more stiffness. You’ll want to be able to deepen your stretch to keep getting the same benefits when you’re more flexible.

Easy to Store

👉If you’re using your back stretcher regularly, you’ll want to be able to move it around easily.

👉Look for one that’s not too heavy or bulky if you want to be able to easily put it away and take it out again when you need it.

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